Daily & Membership Rates

Daily Rates

9 Holes

$12.00 – Walking

$20.00 – Weekdays w/ cart

$20.00 – Weekend w/cart

18 Holes

$20.00 – Walking

$30.00- Weekdays w/ cart

$32.00 – Weekend w/ cart after 11 A.M.

18 holes Senior

$27.00- Weekdays w/ cart

Annual Membership Rates

Young Adult (under 40/non college)


Adult Membership (Age: 40 – 64)


Senior Membership (Age: 65 – 74)


Super Senior Membership (Age 75 and over)


College Membership (Full-time/Graduate student)


Junior Membership *play restrictions apply


Young Adult Couple


Adult Couple


Senior Couple


Super Senior Couple


Yearly Private Cart Storage Fees

Electric Carts


Gas Carts


Family Cart

$420 electric

$380 gas

Shared Cart

$420 electric

$380 gas


Reminder – Cart fee must be paid in full before usage


• Cart spaces are available to all members assuming cart spaces are available
• Family Cart and Shared Cart are at 80%.
• Family Carts and Shared Cart owners both MUST have full memberships, and both must pay 80% of
the cart storage fee,
• Family members who reside in the same household are permitted to use a private cart as long as both
have Delmar memberships
Family Cart and Shared Cart owners are not entitled to a free cart rental if the private cart is damaged /inoperable / or partner is using the cart – They will pay full price for Delmar rental

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