History of Delmar

Since 1961

It all began one cold snowy night in January of 1960, when a group of friends met to discuss their upcoming golf season. Due to the recent popularity of golf the local course had become overcrowded making finding tee times difficult. During the discussion about what to do and where to go founder Robert Powell said “let’s build our own” and the seed was planted.
A meeting was called the following month to discuss the possibilities of such an undertaking. A steering committee of Robert Powell, Raymond Main, Joseph DiBiagio, George Laszlo, Wally Carroll, Jack Steckman, Victor Cohen, Oscar Blair, and Dale Hazen was formed and exploration began. The committee hired George Sewall for legal advice and soon negotiation began to purchase 210 acre farm owned by the Oczkowski family.
Well known golf course architect, Archie Loeffler, soon had the 18 holes staked out and construction began with a ground breaking ceremony on July 12, 1960. In order to keep the project on schedule Ernie Loeffler was hired to assist the construction which consisted of three 8-hour shifts. By the fall of 1960 the installation watering system had been completed. Planting began in the spring of 1961 and the course was taking shape.
By November 1960 the first issue of stock was subscribed and the second issuing was scheduled for January of 1961. The capital raised by the issuance of stock paid for the purchase of land, equipment, building materials and overall operations. Delmar golf course was incorporated in 1960 and was and still is governed by a stockholder elected Board of Directors. Currently there are over 350 stockholders located throughout the United States who share in the dream of owning a golf course.
The golf course officially opened for play Labor Day weekend in 1961, with the first 9 holes completed. The second nine was completed shortly after and was under the supervision of Ross Fulford, the first greens keeper of the course. In 1966, Jack Ferrante, replaced Fulford and served as the heads greens keeper and golf professional for the next 20 years. Since then Delmar GC has continued to grow and make updates to the grounds. In recent years the golf course has installed a newer watering system, built additional lakes, and intergraded high tech soil temperature gages to better monitor the ground conditions
Over the decades Delmar Golf Course has served as a home for the local area residents who enjoy the game of golf. The 200 acre golf course currently serves as the home of the Ellwood City High School golf team, local leagues, and numerous summer golf events. The 18 hole semi-private facility operates under the supervision of a 9 member stockholder elected Board of Directors and features and modern clubhouse, grille room, locker rooms and private cart storage sheds. Yearly memberships and privately owned cart spaces are still offered at affordable rates so that local residents can enjoy a round of golf and all the while sharing in the dream of its founding members.

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